What does a Network Engineer do? | Career

Then they continuously report to the management of the company the operational status of the network based on the information they have collected.

Network engineers are the designers of a company's computer network. This is why they are also known as network architects. His work involves designing, implementing, maintaining and developing the company's data communication networks. They see that network infrastructure is available to all users in the organization.

What does a network engineer they ensure that the company's computers, voice systems, and firewall work properly for employees, customers, customers, and others who may need to use the organization for business purposes? Network engineers are different from network administrators because network administrators are concerned with providing daily support to the computer network. Network engineers are worried about planning and implementation at the highest levels.

Responsibilities of Network Engineer

Depending on the scope of the organization, the network engineer can be responsible for only one part of the entire system or can take care of the whole network. They can also work with different types of networks, such as LAN or local area networks, MAN or metropolitan networks, WANs or large networks, WLANs or local wireless networks, or VoIP or Internet voice networks. , among others.

Network engineers configure the system, install it, and set and set the standards they should follow. Once they have established their corporate network environment, they continue to work to improve it and make it more sustainable. They continuously monitor network performance and respond to network problems, depending on when needed. They also take care to update the network to make it more resilient.

One of the most critical aspects of the work of the network engineers takes place in the installation phase. Because network equipment can be installed outside the corporate headquarters, they provide remote support for engineers and on-site users. If there are problems during the initial installation, they will also provide the necessary remote support. They continue to work and communicate with project management staff and other engineers regularly.

When it comes to security, network engineers establish and enforce regulations about who can access the network. They support and manage firewalls following the IT security protocol. If there are network security issues, they collect information from various sources to determine the cause. Then they continuously report to the management of the company the operational status of the network based on the information they have collected.

As the evolution of computer technology is moving fast, it is also the responsibility of computer engineers to keep up to date. They need to read professional publications and join professional organizations that allow them to interact with others in the industry. They must also seek continuing education to be up to date with the latest technological developments.



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